Like all other big companies, Apple, can big found all over the world and they have their own pricing policy that differs depending on where you are. Iphones are one of the most demanded products in the economy and people are starting to question why there is a large difference in price, for example France being 30% more expensive compared to the US.

Having collected data from Linio, the following table shows the average iPhone prices throughout Asia.

 The fact is that both China and Japan have the cheapest prices on average when purchasing iphones while developing countries such as India, Indonesia and Bangladesh have to pay more. However it is safe to say that these differences comes down to difference tariffs and taxes from different countries, but there is also a major factor and that is having a middleman.

For example in India, there is no official Apple store, meaning Apple have to sell it to certain stores where then consumers will have to go buy from them. This results in Apple having to raise their prices to make similar profits.

Labour and Land costs also contribute to price bumping up, such as Singapore and Hong Kong having expensive rent is comparison to China and along with tariffs and taxes, makes Singapore the most expensive iPhone average price in Asia.