Many companies ask: “Why spend money on creative design?’’ A common myth is that creative design is a nice-to-have, but not a must-have. Creative designing is seen as pretty, not practical. When viewed this way, it doesn’t seem worthy of spending much money on it.

Creative design is often discounted is because it is not defined correctly. Companies think that creative designing is simple about hiring a graphic designer. Both companies and graphic designers tend to treat creative design as synonymous with visual design.

Creative design is not only about visual design. Visual design is an important element in creative design, but is only one element. Creative design also depends on the effective use of words, and representing action and motion. Creative design tells a story. Creative designs can exist in many forms. They can be ads, or videos, or contests, or apps, or e-commerce sites.

Creative design gets the attention of your customers.

Creative design solves problems. It helps customers understand what they need, and discover how they can choose a better option to meet that need. Creative design creates customer motivation.

The benefits of creative design are directly related to what makes a creative design good in the eyes of customers. When viewing a creative design, customers will judge it as good if it is:

  • Memorable
  • Clear
  • Credible
  • Relevant
  • Special and unique

That is hard to achieve — which is why the design is referred to as creative.

So the test of creative design is to ask if it is truly creative. Will customers really notice it, and feel favorably inclined to take action because of it? If they will, the design will deliver tangible business benefits.

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