Every time you move up in your career you will require more skills, however the good part is that the harder skills will be gained naturally as u gain more experience and overcome more hurdles.

The more confidence you have, the more money you are worth over time. 

There are three negotiation tactics expert job-seekers use to check for congruence between their own goals and the goals of an employer they’re talking with.

 Starting With a Goal:

Of your receive a job offer that is paying $40,000 and you need at least $50,000 to pay your bills, the first instinct may be to say, “i can’t except this offer as it is too low.” 

However stating this type of statement how will the manager feel? Also start with something positive compared to something negative. 

State Something like, “I’m excited to receive this job offer, however it are a bit apart on the salary, Would you have a minute to talk about it?”

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By then, the manager has already invested in you and focused in the positive and the goal of closing the gap between his salary target and your salary target. 

 Throwing out suggestions: 

Most job seekers will panic when they get offered a salary which is lower than what they had expected. However your can always throw in suggestions, such as asking for an extra week of holiday leave every year, as this may be worth something to you. You may have more ideas about how to close the gap of the salary gap compared to your manager, so why not introduce them yourself.