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We enjoy working with our clients, advising them through the process and ultimately helping them undergo transformations that give them a competitive edge. Working with Elitico Marketing saves you time and money, but more importantly allows the understanding and cohesiveness that is key to success for the brands of today. We specialise in the four key graphic design areas of branding, packaging, visual communication for print and digital. Branding

Consultation, strategy, design and delivery of full brand packages from identity, through to print collateral and website development.


Brand positioning and development, on-pack graphic design, finished artwork and roll-out to full product range.

Visual Communication

Communication strategy, clarification of messaging and call to action, graphic design for chosen execution, pre-press and print management.


Brand positioning and digital strategy, from website design and email marketing to online advertising campaigns through traditional and social media channels.

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Establish and maintain relationships with an organisation’s target audience, the media, and other opinion leaders. include an organisation or individual. Gaining exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items.

  • Building awareness and a favorable image for a company or client within stories and articles
  • Closely monitoring numerous media channels for public comment about a company and its products
  • Building goodwill among an organisation’s target market through community, philanthropic and special programs and events
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Elitico is an independent, fully accredited, full service media agency who mixes traditional media planning, media buying and connection strategies with digital media, big data, content marketing and so much more. Consumer promotions

  • Point of purchase display material
  • Instore demonstrations, samplings and celebrity appearances
  • Competitions, coupons, sweepstakes and games
  • Onpack offers, multipacks and bonuses
  • Loyalty reward programs

Business promotions

  • Seminars and workshops
  • Conference presentations
  • Trade show displays
  • Telemarketing and direct mail campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Event sponsorship
  • Capability documents

Trade promotions

  • Reward incentives linked to purchases or sales
  • Reseller staff incentives
  • Competitions
  • Corporate entertainment
  • Bonus stock
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Elitico can help you to find your audience faster and more accurately by targeting only the audience you know is in market and has some propensity to buy your product. Our goal is to help you get better results with less media budget.

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In the new world of digital relationships, word of mouth extends well beyond recommendations from friends and family into the realm of influencer marketing.

Celebrity endorsements were the original form of influencer marketing, but in the digital age of online connection, regular people have become online “celebrities” with powerfully engaged social media followings, especially in certain market segments.

Influencer marketing to extend the reach of your brand messaging by working with social media influencers to create or support content they post on their own social media channels.

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