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Project Description

OA Account Registration & Set-Up

The WeChat official account allows brand broadcast the message like twitter. Through a WeChat official account, a brand can post media content like text, photos, videos and audio messages to their WeChat official account followers. Individuals can follow the WeChat brand official accounts either by scanning a unique QR Code or by getting someone within their WeChat network of people to share the account.

OA Account Management

In order to succeed with WeChat, we help brands define their communication objectives and always we always keep this front and center. Customers do not want to listen or read spam / static marketing, therefore brands need to engage in an open dialogue with customers and make all advertising, consistent, relevant and exciting.

WeChat Advertising

Verified WeChat Account is eligible for place advertisement in other related verified accounts with over 100,000 followers. Advertiser can target specific audience by gender, age and location.

WeChat’s official account page boasts strategic and eye-catching advertising where brands’ products will be placed in the spotlight.

WeChat Content & Marketing Sample

The Steps Needed To Follow For WeChat Official Account

Account Registration

  • Account Setup
  • Account Verification Menu
  • Welcome Message
  • Keywords Autoreply

E-Commerce & Minisite Setup

  • Create a full Page with strong visual impact
  • WeChat minisite to align with your corporate visual identity
  • Website localization that suits Chinese audiences’ tastes and preferences

Creative Content Writing

Elitico’s Team research and write creative articles and stories cater to Chinese target audiences newest trend


Reach Targeted Audiences with Key Opinion Leaders with Large User Base

WeChat Statistic and Analytic Sample

“With Elitico’s strategy, not only increasing the local Chinese clients but also the local , Australians here love our services too”

VBeauty International

“Creative Chinese material design, content creation and layout design gain us a better competitive advantage in the Real Estate Market”

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