Project Description

The Steps Needed To Follow For WeChat Official Account

Account Registration

  • Types of Accounts (Service or Subscription)
  • Third Party License or Oversea Own License
  • Account Set Up
  • Account Verification Menu
  • Welcome Message
  • Keywords Autoreply

E-Commerce & Minisite Setup

  • Create a full Page with strong visual impact
  • WeChat minisite to align with your corporate visual identity
  • Website localisation that suits Chinese audiences’ tastes and preferences

Creative Content Writing

Elitico’s Team research and write creative articles and stories cater to Chinese target audiences newest trend


Reach Targeted Audiences with Key Opinion Leaders with Large User Base

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WeChat Management Information Booklet Topics:

* About Elitico Marketing
* The Chinese Digital Ecosystem Overview
* WeChat Marketing Procedure
* WeChat Cost And Package

WeChat Advertisement Information Booklet Topics:

* About Elitico Marketing
* WeChat Newsfeed Ad
* WeChat Newsfeed Ad Procedure
* Tencent Ad Solution
* Australian Local Influencer
* WeChat Pay


Chinese Digital Marketing Information Booklet Topics:

* About Elitico Marketing
* Chinese Digital Ecosystem
* Baidu SEO and Advertising
* Chinese Social Media


Chinese Influencers Information Booklet Topics:

* About Elitico Marketing
* Introduction to Chinese Social Influencers
* Chinese Social Influencers Benefit
* Elitico Services and Case Study
* Checklist and Price Guide


Chinese Event Management Information Booklet Topics:

* About Elitico Marketing
* Information about the Chinese Market
* What We Offer
* Process
* Event & Portfolio
* WeChat Marketing
* Chinese Social Media Solution
* Chinese Media Campaign
* Print Media Solution


WeChat Statistic and Analytic Sample

“With Elitico’s help, we are able to display on the most influential Chinese social media for our weekly publication and open listing”

McGrath St. George

“With Elitico’s strategy, not only increasing the local Chinese clients but also the local , Australians here love our services too”

VBeauty International

“Creative Chinese material design, content creation and layout design gain us a better competitive advantage in the Real Estate Market”

LandPearl Development

Elitico Portfolio & Client Showcase

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