Project Description

Costar is a Sydney based distributor and manufacturer of premium natural beauty and health products to the local Australian and overseas markets. 100% ownership and operation by Australians, our version products made with the natural ingredients sourced locally to the international markets.

Elitico Marketing helps Star Combo to redesign the logo. This logo redesign is based on the Star Combo brand name and brand awareness to suit the market trend and Elitico has used the new logo to help Star Combo design the product package. These new packages are more attractive. Brand positioning and development, on-pack graphic design, finished artwork and roll-out to the full product range. Moreover, Elitico Marketing has already constructed Marketing material (flyers and booklets) for Star Combo and Video productions.  v

Content Creation 96%
Design Creativity 90%
Equipment Skill 89%
Post-Production 97%
Translation 95%