Project Description

Slater And Bryne are a company that is set up for Debt Collection and Recovery In Australia. Combining decades of experience in Debt collection, Commercial litigation, Banking and Finance, Insolvency and Credit, the directors of SBR have created a very simple business Model in recovering debts.

Having seen the insides and operations of numerous debt collection agencies and Law Firms, SBR offers a debt collection service that makes you a partner of SBR. The best result for any client in debt collection is when the debt collector has to earn their income on a performance base. SBR offers just that; a performance based commission structure that means they only earn the commission if they get your debts paid.

They have expanded their services throughout the whole East Coast of Australia, with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. With the company slowly building a reputation of one of the best in its industry, the recent collaboration with Elitico Marketing has been seeking to strengthen their services to the wider community.

Elitico Marketing, being a marketing agency has collaborated with Slater and Byrne, in order to strive together to help the community and try to relieve many problems that people face. Elitico Marketing has recently constructed a Chinese website for the company, in order to establish themselves within the Chinese market, which is forever growing. Marketing Material such as Flyer Designs and booklets has been created along with Video Production, Editing and Translation.

However this is not all that Elitico Marketing does, there still future plans of, monitoring and managing all marketing activities that is planned, creating more partnership opportunities and extending business opportunities with a new office open in Hong Kong, having decided to break into the Asian Market and culture.

Elitico Marketing and Slater and Bryne are both seeking to strive to the best of their abilities and be able to support each other and the community when needed.

Content Creation 90%
Creativity 84%
Storyboard Creation 87%
Post-Production 92%
Translation 73%