Project Description

The Majestic Nest is a bird nest company. The Swiflet birds that create Majestic are a precious gift that deserve our respect and protection. In buying edible bird’s nest from Majestic you are making a choice to end unethical wild nest harvesting and supporting a sustainable future for both the birds and the environment. You also ensure that workers who farm, clean and produce EBN have fair work conditions and a workplace that meets international standards of safety and hygiene.

Elitico Marketing has already constructed a website construction in both English and Chinese versions for Majestic Nest along with social integration, Social media platforms and Video/ photo shoots productions for their sales. We helped Majestic Nest set up an order system online for their use. All of the materials are based on their VI system.

Content Creation 96%
Creativity 94%
Storyboard Creation 94%
Post-Production 70%
Modeling 92%