Project Description

Dr. Earth believes every babies are different, every nutrition meal is more than nourishment and encouraging spoonful meal for every babies and infants by Dr. Earth’s team of pediatricians, PhD. nutritionists and chefs in both Australia and China.

PhD Developed and ACO

Dr. Earth’s nutritionists formulate organic non processed raw ingredients from only certified organic Australian growers.

New Trend “DIY” Culture

Dr. Earth offers convenient ready-to-make package to process baby food in less than 1 minute “DIY” Education sessions.

Top-Notch Team &Management Strategy

Formed by Pediatricians, Certified Nutritionists, Production QC & Inspection and Biggest Local Australian Organic Growers.

Subscribers-Vendors Platform

Helping paid subscribers to visualise the process from Australian local farmers to their doorstep experience.

3 Days Guarantee from Nature to Home

Delivered from Australian growers to vendor’s and end-users door within 3 days.

Dr. Earth Group has become a strategic partner with Elitico Marketing to promote their infant products into Chinese market. We have accomplish the target into VC investment funding; investor pitch roadshow; investor relations; project introduction.

Most importantly is to provide in-house marketing experts advise from marketing research into Chinese market and financial forecasting corporate with our financial advisers.