Project Description

Delight Dental Spa is a place where you experience care and sincerity. Customer’s comfort and positive experience are the whole team’s priority. The team at Delight Dental Spa has the knowledge and experience to provide a broad array of dental solutions include Bonding; Dermal Fillers; Emergency Care; Gum Recontouring; Implants; Sedation Dentistry; Wisdom Teeth; Crowns; Invisalign; Orthodontics; Orthodontics for Children; Orthodontics for Adults; Smile Makeover; Teeth Whitening; Porcelain Veneers.

Having a visual and representative landing pages to capture all leads coming from paid media. Elitico created several Chinese landing pages with conversion calculated on Google Analytic and utilising mainstream paid media channels to boost up campaigns.

Developing Chinese content marketing strategy into a brand affinity strategy, Elitico must provide unique and valuable content that interests the audience. A great way to start is to share and demonstrate the Delight Dental Spa’s values throughout the content we share on social media, include smooth flow of information, services knowledge and skilfulness of their team.

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