With the goal of setting up to serve Australian and International Clients, West Bridge Group formed to build long lasting relationships with their clients and strive to ensure that support is present at all times regardless of changes in market and/or regulatory landscape.

Today West Bridge Group, WB partners, Of the Plan Property and WB Capital hosts the industry’s most dynamic lawyers. Financial Planners, Real Estate agents and fund managers.

Their work is divided into separate divisions for management Purposes and to seek to provide the most efficient services without having to sacrifice on quality. Specialising in Legal Services, Conveyancing, financial planning and investments and Real Estate, they are well equipped to provide help and support whenever need.

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They have recently collaborated with a Elitico Marketing in order to try and work as team to achieve high levels of achievements and success. The two companies have been able to work together and having recently relocated in the heart of the city near Martin Place, both the companies were able to host their very own grand opening.’