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A market analysis studies the attractiveness and the dynamics of a special market within a special industry. It is part of the industry analysis and thus in turn of the global environmental analysis.

Dimensions of a market analysis

  • Market size (current and future)
  • Market trends
  • Market growth rate
  • Market profitability
  • Industry cost structure
  • Distribution channels
  • Key success factors
  • Key success Details

Market research is any organised effort to gather information about target markets or customers. It is a very important component of business strategy.

  • Identifying new market opportunities and evaluating the existing markets
  • Segmenting and analyzing the market
  • Selecting the best target market
  • Evaluating and analyzing the company’s reputation and performance
  • Positioning a product
  • New product development
  • Planning and implementing a marketing mix that meets business objectives
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Elitico assists your company to develop an effective marketing strategy to define the overall direction and goals for your marketing. Strategy should articulate how your company are going to deliver your products or services in ways that will satisfy your customers.

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Elitico categorise a company’s products according to their relative competitive position and business growth rate in order to lay the foundations for sound strategic planning. Elitico helps our client to determine where to make changes and determine if they’re doing a good job competing with others in the industry.

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Effective branding can elevate your product or business into something unique, instead of being just one commodity among many similar others. Standing out from your competitors is particularly important in competitive markets. Elitico can apply your brand to a whole range of your other products or services. This will allow consumers to associate each product in your range with a consistent set of values which they know. A strong brand can also add value to your core business. A company that offers equity shares needs to have a strong reputation – a recognisable brand communicates what your business stands for as well as what it offers.

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