With Majestic Nest’s seamless, perfect storyline on their first series of a short-video, portrayed the idea of materialism will not win compared to their premium product – Bird Nest.

What is Bird Nest?

Majestic explained as “The Swiflet birds that create Majestic are a precious gift that deserve our respect and protection. In buying edible bird’s nest from Majestic you are making a choice to end unethical wild nest harvesting and supporting a sustainable future for both the birds and the environment. You also ensure that workers who farm, clean and produce EBN have fair work conditions and a workplace that meets international standards of safety and hygiene.”

Captures of Video Storyline

Luxury sport car AMG C63 sponsored by Carskinning

Diamond ring valued over $25,000. Can it win a girl’s heart?

Not every girls are materialistic.

 Of course, she finally smiled until the”Mr. Right” came into the scene – the only one truly understands her needs. Bringing her something that she always wanted.


Why does it have a shocking effect in the Chinese market?

Materialistic is often a term to describe the desire of women’s needs and wants, the message behind this production is to reverse the stereotypical ideas of what a woman truly need in a loving relationship. It is a branding strategy by presenting Majestic Bird Nest in comparison with luxury items such as super car and diamond, it elaborates the audience with a sense of recognition of the finest bird nest in the market.

The advertisement was published on several popular social media platforms just a day after a special Chinese date – the 20th of May which symbolic “I Love You” in Mandarin. While majority of the people are publishing their loving messages on WeChat and Facebook, they were bombarded with a shocking article title “A rich boy failed to propose to his crush with half a million diamond ring”. Catchy enough? Yes. We have over 17 thousands Chinese readers on one single post.

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