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Content Marketing will take you nowhere if you haven’t found your target audience.

So why define your target market ?

Content will attract an audience naturally, but the problem is that it may not be the best audience for your product. That means visitors are likely to:

  • connect with your product 

  • buy your product because of your product

When defining your real audience, it will assist you in creating great content but also the correct one. It is vital to create content that establishes you as an authority in your industry.

 Creating your target audience definition 

An audience definition should connect the following three things:

  • your product or service

  • your main audience demographic

  • your content’s mission

One of the best ways to finding your target audience would be through Facebook insights. Facebook provides pages with insights which are free to use. This quickly determines the demographic of most of your actives users and what they share in common.

Monitoring both your best and worth content to determine what works the best with your audience is important. By comparing content that did well against one content that didn’t do the best can make you understand determine what should be used in the future.