Elitico is honoured to be able to participate in the Pink Ribbon Poetry and cheongsam “Ying Xia poetry readings and qipao charity Salon” event in Sydney Mosman Art Gallery on February 4th. The event was successfully organised by the Australian International Elite Cultural & Arts Centre and the Australian Chinese Performing Artists Association (ACPAA).

After twenty years of exploration, development and planning and hosting of hundreds of cultural events, ACPAA now has a professional team. ACPAA has attracted individuals from all facets of the society who are passionate about the continuity and extension of Chinese culture.




In August 1990, a group of university students travelled away from their homeland to the South Pacific. Here, they registered with the Australian federal government in order to establish a foundation for Chinese culture in Australia; this became known as the Australian Chinese Performing Artists’ Association (the ACPAA). Over 20 years of development and the organization of hundreds of cultural events and performances, the dedication of this professional creative team have undoubtedly enriched the lives of the wider community, along with spreading interest and understanding of Chinese culture and its people. This has allowed many other fellow overseas Chinese to continue their beloved traditions and address nostalgia.

The ACPAA has launched many exquisite art productions over 20 years; not only instilling pride throughout the Chinese community but also advancing Chinese culture abroad and making outstanding contributions to the cultural exchange between Australia and China. The ACPAA is now widely recognised as a pivotal overseas platform.