picture credit: www.australiaforum.com

The Demand for knowledge works is increasing in Australia as many business are seeking highly skilled professionals to add immediate value and dept into the rapidly changing economy.

Candidates with these skills are known as ‘knowledge workers’ as there is large amounts skill and experience needed in order to succeed in their respected roles.

According to the Hays Quarterly report; the latest hiring hotspots for workers are :

System Accountants– needed as business implement new systems and look for improvements 

Financial Accountants– highly skilled accountants with local experience are short on supply 

Supervisors and Assistant Mangers- needed as firms are viewing quality candidates as potential future partners 

Interior Designers– well documented skills and strong design sensibility are need 

Financial Planners– with a degree and ADFP, and preferably CFP, are required for both projects and financial planning 

Teachers (maths, Science)-  especially in the fields of chemistry and physics, are in very short supply. HSC level teachers with HSC marking experience is needed.

Engineers– with sound technical knowledge is need, who can also assist and consult clients when required. 

 Commercial, Property Lawyers– With a booming construction industry, candidates for top-tier experience in infrastructure are needed. Law firms on the other hand want construction and property specialists.  

Senior Banking, Financial Lawyers– need open to contract roles within financial firms and large banking companies. 

Data Analysts- With driving growth within the economy, keeping data reliable is needed.