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 Do you want to get yourself more organised in social media? Here are extremely useful tips for you!

  • initiate your project 

For every project you need to plan what is going to happen and you need to ask questions.

Who is your audience?

How will your social media campaign solve for your audience?

What are the biggest benefits when interacting with your campaign ?

What is your business goal ?

Review the audience, problem and the business goal.

  • choose your social media accounts 

You need to choose the correct media account that will get you the most traffic.

Develop a game plan for your top networks because they are the ones that are making you achieve the goals. However you can still share your campaigns on various websites to increase awareness but focus more on the trafficked social media accounts.

  • write great social media messages 

Quotes can be used to grab peoples attentions quickly.

Sharing inspiring stats to increase engagement can also be very helpful for your audience. These offer instant takeaways, which can draw in organic social media engagement.

  • find hashtags for your campaign

In todays generation everyone is using hashtags for everything they do in life. So it is important that you are using the right ones for your potential followers.

You can also be unique and brainstorm your own hashtag names. It is important to:

Keep it catchy

keep them simple and short

Check it. Make sure it isn’t already in use

  • include visuals and graphics 

Adding  visuals and graphics to your messages will also bring in much more attention as it will catch peoples’ eyes. Adding things such as memes can make them laugh. For example this many include:


Animals doing human-like things

Classic quotes

Scenes from movies

  • plan your campaign posting schedule 

When posting social media for your campaign you don’t want to post too little or post too much. Posting during times where there is more traffic could be what makes your campaign successful. If you are not sharing when your audience is no on, then you are missing out.