Whether you’re promoting your business or helping your clients promote theirs, certain marketing skills are a must. So what marketing skills do you need to know to succeed? Here are 5 the most important marketing skills that can help you.

1. Social media

Social media marketing is an important skill to help you find clients. At the same time, businesses are always looking to add new social networks to their marketing arsenal. If you’re already savvy with the newest platforms, you can become a valuable asset for your clients.

2. Content marketing

Content marketing was one of the most desired marketing skills of 2016. Businesses are looking to hire marketers with content marketing experience to supplement their in-house teams.

Take advantage of this growing market by adding content marketing to your list of skills.


Even if you’re a designer or developer, you need writing skills to succeed. Writing skill can help you find a client with your application (you will likely communicate with most of your clients by email). Clear, concise writing is an invaluable skill to communicate efficiently and be understood.

4. Networking

Attend events, workshops, and participate in digital networking to help find more clients. Participate in webinars, online discussions and create valuable connections long term. It’s an essential skill for business growth.

5. Analytics

Analytics skills help you interpret web behavior data, such as website engagement, purchase history, etc. Know how to draw actionable insights from analytics data to become more attractive to potential employers.