Firstly, what is advertising campaign ?…

To put it simply, it is a group ads put together to convey one message.

1. Nike- Just Do it
The “just do it” campaign was a instant hit.The campaign increased incoming cash from $800
million to $9.2 billion in an short amount of time.

 2. Volkswagen- Think Small
It portrayed to show the audience that the car was small. During the era, Americans always tended
to buy bigger cars. It was made to change the perceptions of a whole country not just about a
certain product.

 3. Marlboro- Marlboro Man
The ad represents the power of lifestyle surrounding the product. Asking questions of whether you
want to be free ? want to be man? It captured the imagination of men who aspired at the time.

 4.  Apple- Get A Mac
The Mac vs PC debate ended up to be one of the most successful campaigns for Apple and growth
was at 42% during their first year. The campaign explained everything you need to know about the
product, and they did it in a very clever way.

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