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It’s sad  and discouraging when you see job-seekers blow their chances of getting a good job by acting unprofessionally. Job Hunting is hard enough so why maker harder than it should be ?

The following are reasons why job seekers kill their chances:

  1. They confirm the interview date, miss the interview and are rescheduled for another interview only to find out they had forgotten they already had an appointment that day. 

  2. They show up to a job interview unprepared, without knowledge of what the company does and has dressed unsuitably for the interview 

  3. They mention during the interview that they have a holiday coming up and are not able to work until a month later 

  4. Just when the interview is about to conclude they remember they have no professional references because they haven’t kept in touch with their previous bosses. 

  5. they drop out of sight when they are a finalist for the job, without replying emails or calls, but then resurface a weeks later when they failed to get another job they had applied for.

  6. they use the whole interview time to ask questions about unrelated stuff such as their salary or how pick their office is going to be. 

  7. They are an annual salary or is already asking for a pay rise before they even get the job 

  8. They announce on the first day that they have to leave early to pick up their child at 3:00 pm

  9. They apply for jobs that they are not qualified for, but still hoping  to get it

  10. They state they only want this job to get their career moving. 

Finding jobs is already hard enough so why make it harder by doing these. Always give your best shot and not believe others will give you time to make considerations.